ALL fundraising options offered by Troop 145 and Council are VOLUNTARY!  Below are current fundraisers being considered:

Beef Jerky
Troop will offer single serve treats with a 50% profit.

Krispy Kreme Dough-Raiser
Forms will be made available to sell dozens of fresh donuts (glazed, chocolate, kreme-filled and raseberry-filled). Each Scout receives 50% share into Scout Accounts.  

Troop Yard Sale 
May be possible to clean out junk and turn into money for the Troop and the Boy Scouts!

Council Camp Cards
Scouts can individually order in December a certain number of discount cards to be sold for $5.00 each. Each Scout receives 50% profit to keep after paying BRMC directly for sold cards.  Unsold cards can be returned.

Council Fall Popcorn

Take Order

Take order forms were mailed to all registered Scouts.  Be sure to collect money at the time of the order.  All order forms and monies  will be due to Mrs. Bass on the Monday before the official end of the sale.


Selling Online

STARTED AUGUST 1 every year!  Get an early start on contacting family and friends, avoid the rush after the official council start date, meet your goals early, and earn money for another great Scouting year of adventures! 

Go to and sign-in for an early peek of the popcorn products and prizes available!  There are resources to help you to contact your customers, track your sales and tell everyone about the benefits of Scouting!  Need a log-in, contact Lisa Bass!


 INCENTIVES!  From the Troop:  Any Boy Scout who sold more than $25.00 worth of popcorn will be invited to a Pizza Party prior to a Troop Meeting.  All profits go into Scout Accouts.
From Council:  Each Boy Scout earns a Patch for participation, a chance at winning weekly prizes if fill an order form, a special patch and ticket to a Trunk Jam event if earn over $600.00.  Top sellers earn gift cards.
From Campmaster: An array of prize levels.


Important Dates 2018

08/27/18 Troop doesn't participate in Show & Sell/Deliver
09/20/18 Troop Meeting & Popcorn Kickoff  7:00 PM
09/14/18 Official Start of the Poporn Sale                      
10/22/18  ALL MONIES and forms must be returned by this DATE
10/26/18 Very last chance to turn in Take Order form and all monies 
10/29/18 Popcorn Orders must be ented by NOON
11/06/18 If not selling popcorn, then payment of dues are expected.
11/16/18 POPCORN TAKE-ORDER Pick-up
12/01/18 Outstanding balances due or Troop will be penalized by council.
12/17/18 Popcorn Patches and Prizes to be distributed at Court of Honor


1) All Boy Scouts participating in the Popcorn sale will receive a patch and opportunity to earn prizes from Campmasters Popcorn.  Be sure to see prize sheet and submit your choice with your Take-Order forms.

2) For selling popcorn...Scouts can 30% of the popcorn profits into an individual account to help pay for his activities, especially Scout Camp (approx. $350).

3) Special Council prizes are offered for top sellers and completing certain goals.