As of the February 28, 2020, Venture Crew 145 will NOT be rechartering. It has been a great 7 years of high adventures with the young men and women (ages 14-20) Venturers. All the members have either aged out or are too busy to meet for monthly activities. St. Paul UMM will always welcome back Crew 145 if youth and volunteers are ever interested in restarting.


Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are 14 years of age and under 21 years of age. Venturing's purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.

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Venture Crew 145  is a subgroup of Boy Scout Troop 145.  Crew 42 was officially chartered on July 18, 2012 and transferred to St. Paul United Methodist Church on August 1, 2017.

Crew 145 Mission:  Challenge, Adapt and Conquer

Venture Crew Motto:  CHALLENGE!

Crew 145 Goals:
1) Plan one adventure a month (mostly on second weekend of every month)
2) To elect officer/leadership positions. 
3) To keep costs of adventures under $35.00.
4) To have fun!
5) To provide service to our charter organization and community.
6) To gain skills for being a productive citizen.

Status Report:

Due to the high number of Crew 145 members that have aged out and the few members who are extremely too busy to plan/attend events as well as the new BRMC December recharter date, this Venture Crew may be dissovling. If anyone is interested in joining a high adventure group for girls and boys ages 14-20 years old, please email before October 1st. Crew Advisors are ready to support whatever the youth want to do and learn.

Upcoming Activities:  None at this time

Past Activities:

January 2018 - Puzzlr Room

December 2017 - MCEAP Wrapping Booth & Holiday Party

Novemer 2017 - Discover Scuba at BAC

October 2017 - Zombie Lock-In and Carnval

August 2017 - St. Paul Welcome Picnic

June 2017 - Salem Red Sox and Claytor Lake Wakefest

March 2017 - Launching Pad Adventure

December 2016 - Service to MCEAP Wrapping Booth and Holiday Party

 November 2016 - "Turkey Hunting Safety" Course

 October 2016 - Zombie Weekend with lock-in, hike and Trunk or Treat

August 2016 - White Water Rafting on New River

July 2016 - Wakefest at Claytor Lake

June 2016 -Campout at Alta Mons

May 2016 -  Very successful Yard Sale over $1,100.00 raised!

April 2016 - Climbing at River Rock in Roanoke

December 2015 - Holiday Party

October 2015 - Vombie Red-Eye and Bus

July 2015 - Pool Party

June 2015 - Claytor Lake Clean-Up

May 2015 - Lifeguard Training

January 2015  - Super Bowl

December 2014 Helped Lion's Club & MCEAP Wrapping Booth then Holiday Party

October 2014 - Zombie Bus and Dinner

September 2014 -Pool Party

July 2014 -Rafting on the New River

June 2014 Claytor Lake Fun

April 2014  ATV & Shotgun Shooting

March 2014 Fencing Lesson at VT

February 2014  Bowling

January 2013 and 2014 - Skiing 

February 2013 - Rise Up Climbing

  March 2013 - Wilderness First Aid

 April 2013 - Lifeguard Certification

 May 2013 - Biking

August 2013 - Wakefest

September 2013 - Tree Top High Ropes Course 

October 2013 - Zombie Bus

November 2013 - Virtous-Reality CSI Youth Event  where we learned the training needed to be a firefighter, rescue worker or a police officer.  The Crew brought home an impressive number of awards for it teamwork! 

  • One-mile Run: 1st place Eric Bass and 3rd place Ethan Bass
  • Jump Rope: 3rd place James Holder
  • Bad Driver Test: 1st place Eric Bass and James Holder, 2nd place Alexis Marchand and 3rd place Derek Lau
  • Target Shooting: 1st place Derek Lau and 3rd place Eric Bass
  • Ticketing: 2nd place Mikayla Ziegert
  • Teamwork  1st place – First Aid Challenge ; 2nd place – Ladder Setting, Fix and Flow Hoses and First Aid Challenges then 3rd place – Crime Scene Investigation Test

 In 2012, we went New River Tubing, Blue Ridge Glider Soaring, Halloween Haunted House, Movie Night and Holiday Party.