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Troop 145 Events

  • Next Meeting  September 23, 2019  7:00 PM

  • Skills Refresher - Firebuilding
  • Class-B Uniform
  • Troop Photo Day











Current Sign- Up Sheets  (*=Last chance)
   Emory & Henry MB College
October Campout  Rent-A-Youth
Popcorn Fundraiser Donut Fundraiser
MB Month Can Food Drive
Trunk or Treat  Troop Elections / Appointments

September Troop Meetings 
Time to refresh skills in lashing, knots, first aid and firebuilding. Be prepared to practice and learn from each other.  New patrol assignments will be announced on September 16th and troop/patrol electons will be held on September 23rd.  Monday the 30th will be a Court of Honor.  This month is a good time to catch up on rank skills and complete merit badge requirements.

Scout Account Status
dollarsignTroop 145 prides itself on keeping good finances and allowing Scouts to fundraise into or be reimbursed through Scout Accounts then use those funds to pay for Troop activities.   To reduce the number of deficits and unknown balances at sign-ups as well as a new BRMC Decembe recharter,  Troop 145 would appreciate if families could deposit a minimum of $50.00 at the start of this Scout Year.  If any questions,  please talk to any Scoutmaster or Treasurer Scott Vice.

Fall Fundraising Opportunities Available
Troop 145 offers activities that require fees especially on monthly campouts and special events.  Troop 145 will be offering these OPTIONAL fundraisers to Scouts and families to fill Scout Accounts (SA).  This Fall, there are four available:
popcornpiece1) Popcorn Fundraiser organized by the Blue Ridge Mountain Council and supported by Troop145.  As soon as a  Scout receives a Take-Order form, he can begin selling and until October 21st. All monies need to be collected with the order.  Pick-up of orders will be November 15/16th.  All 30% of profits goes into SA.

2) Krispy Kreme Donut-raiser with Pack 145 Cub Scouts. Order forms will be available krispy kreme logoSeptember 9th and must be returned October 14th with money.  Donuts will be delivered to Scouts hot and ready to the  St. Paul UMC parking lot on Friday, October 18th between 7:00-7:30 AM.  40% of the profits will be shared with SA.


3) Country Meat Sticks product sale will continue.  Each beef jerky stick is sold for $1.00 each countrymeatsticksand $0.25 each goes into SA.  Contact SM Bobby Burleson for signing-out a number of products to sell and then all money must be turned in before requesting more inventory.



4) *NEW* Rent-a-Scout will allow Scouts to provide a service to needy St.Paul or communityyard tools garden tools oh so very Wo2arp clipart members and receive equal shares of the payment.  Rake leaves, move stuff, wash items, sweep, pull leaves, etc. on a Sunday afternoon for minimum 2 hours.  Sign up and commit with available dates.  Will be starting ASAP.


October MB Month
Get ready for the big "C" of merit badges.  Sign up for either Cycling, Camping or Car (Automotive) Repair. 


Can Food Drive - September 23 to October 28th
Share What U CanOnce the patrols are set,  there will be a Can Food Drive with a contest between patrols.  Bring any can food to the one of three collection boxes.  Then, these cans will be delivered during November 4th visit to the Christmas Store.


 Emory & Henry MB College - Nov. 2nd
Troop 145 has been invited to the 3rd annual School of Health Sciences MB College.  Scouts can select from one all-day or two half-day merit badges from 8:15 AM to 4:30 PM.  Troop 145 will participating and organizing transportation to Emory, VA  if a minimum of 6 Scouts sign up.  Cost = $10.00 and lunch is included.  Sign up has the available MBs and a deadline of September 23rd.


Court of Honor - September 30th
Parents, please plan to attend this celebration as well as hear very important information about happenings in your son's Troop 145.  Refreshments will be served.  Also, this 5th Monday will need to be FULL Class-A day as the Troop will be taking group photos of the Boy Scouts.   



TextingTroop 145 wants to provide immediate communication with Scouts and parents.  Please consider joining in one of three ways:
Smartphones - Open a web browser and type this link: then follow the instructions.
Other phones - Text message "@d6d2d6" to the number 81010 or (724) 471-5062
No mobile phone - Go to on a desktop computer for email notifcations




 Trunk or Treat  Sunday, October 27th
Den Chiefs for Pack 145 Dens Anytime -Ask for an application


sportsballsScouts and Sports together make a balanced diet of activities! Scouting is flexible enough for a Scout to excel at both, and many Scouts do. Scouting encourages a well-rounded balance of activities, and a Scout doesn’t have to attend every Scouting event.  No one should have to feel that it is "Scouts verus Sports" situation.
Troop 145 supports its Scout players in various sports thoughout the seasons!  As Troop 145 starts a new Scout Year and should a Scout be unavailable for Monday meetings or other activities,  please stay in communication with your Patrol Leaders and Scoutmaster so we can all be your "cheering section"  in Sport AND in Scouting!  As always, we look forward to your attendance to any of the planned troop activities!