Patrol Leader: Sam Wolfe
Assistant Patrol Leader: Sammy Kamienski
Patrol Scribe: Avery Warner
Patrol Quartermaster: Trenton Gurney

Patrol Members:  Sammy Kamienski, Aiden Nestrick, Avery Warner, Noah Davis, Kellen Mitchell, Sam Wolfe, Trenton Gurnee and Ethan Buhyoff


Adult Mentors: 


The Running Toilet Patrol is responsible for bringing deserts to the March 2, 2020 Court of Honor

The Running Toilet Patrol needs to bring gum, tic tacs, and toothbrushes to the March 2, 2020 Court of Honor for inclusion in the To Our House bags.  Please contact your patrol leaders for more information if you are unsue of what items(s) you are supposed to bring.


This patrol is responsible for coordinating the Interpatrol Activities on the Third Monday of each month. Give your handbooks to ASM in charge of Advancement on this 3rd Monday to be synchronized with Troopmaster to insure all requirements are recorded and rank earned.

Always check the Announcements page for troop-wide announcements.