Troop Mission and Expectations along with Incident Report in - Troop Behavior Contract

Troop Leadership Positions- required reading for our Boy Scouts in a leadership role.

Merit Badge Application (to accompany a BSA Adult Volunteer form):

Camping Recipes (to help with planning of monthly meals) -

Campout Menu Planning Worksheets - Menu, Grocery and Utensil List

Campout Menu and Duty Roster (pdf) - Great for Patrol Leaders & APL's!

Campng Patrol Packing List (don't want to forget anything) -  Camping Guide

Summer Camp Packing Items (it is a long, but fun week) - list (PDF link)

NEW Medical Forms (as required for 2014 Camp)- NEW 2014 Health Form Link

Medications Form (for any Scout/Troop Event) -Form to Accompany any medicines needed by Scout

Recommended First Aid Supplies -  Red Cross Website

Court of Honor Agenda - Templates, along with past and possiblity upcoming scripts

Official Troop Letter -  Word .doc format helpful for soliciation of donations and Eagle references.

Mess Kits, Mesh Bag & Summer Camp Tote - see examples

Technology Agreement as a modifiable Parent/Son contract for Internet, Cellphones, tablets and laptop use (used in CyberChip and Programming MB)

Scout Cyber Pledge for the Cyber Chip requirement

Campership - Camp version of a Campership so that no Boy Scout misses an opportunity to go to Summer Camp!  Please review the instructions/form and talk to the Scoutmaster.

Founder Unit Recognition Certificate printing template: use this to print perfectly-aligned names on your BSA-supplied founding unit certificates.

Merit Badge Resources

from recent courses offered during troop meetings

Cooking MB Workbook

Personal Fitness MB Workbook

Citizenship in the Community MB Workbook

First Aid MB Workbook 

Citizenship in the Nation MB Workbook

Citizenship in the World MB Workbook

Family Life Workbook

Nuclear Science  MB Workbook

Personal Management MB Workbook

Communications MB Workbook

Emergency Preparedness MB Workbook

Photography MB Workbook

Backpacking MB Workbook

Scouting Heritage MB Workbook

Robotics MB Workbook

Programming MB Resources - MANY programming languages and "How To" for a simple program.

Merit Badge Counselors

A list has been compiled of adults who have expertise that can guide Boy Scouts - as a group or individually (with a chaperone) - through requirements to earn MBs.  Before contacting a MB Counselor, a Scout should get permission from a Troop Adult Leader.

If an adult has a special talent and would like to become a MB counselor, please download an explanation then complete a form to return to a Troop Leader.  An Adult Volunteer registration form will be provided.  Also, please complete the Youth Protection course online.

Troop Uniform Explanations

Class-A shirts(without the neckerchief and slide) can be worn with jeans or shorts at informal occasions  such as

  • Regular troop meetings
  • Camps (Klondike Derby, summer camp, any troop campout, etc.)
  • District/council activities (like the upcoming VT MB College or ITT)

When the Troop asks for the FULL Class-A uniform, it means definitely wear the neckerchief and slide with the Class-A shirt.  The merit badge sash is optional but a good habit to wear with neckerchief and slide.  it is recommended that clean/nice jeans or brown/khaki/greenish pants should be worn for these occasions:

    • Court of Honors
    • Board of Reviews
    • Flag Ceremonies or anything to do with flags or Veterans (VFW dinner, Memorial Day, etc.)
    • Official District/Council ceremonies (camp closing ceremony, banquet, etc.)
    • Church services (Scout Sunday or camp service)

Class-B refers to the Troop t-shirt.