___________, 2019

DEPARTURE:  Arrive at St. Paul UMC parking lot at 5:15 PM to load up and carpool with a departure by no later than 5:30 PM  
DETAILS ABOUT THE TRIP: Troop 145 will be camping 
COST:  $10.00 
FOOD: Eat own dinner on Friday before arrival.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Refer to your handbook on what to pack for this overnight.  Be certain to indicate if you can stay both nights or just Saturday.  There is a desire to get as many Boy Scouts as possible that weekend. If you need to cook for rank or merit badge,  be certain to volunteer and use the new menu planning.  

RETURN Pick up campers on  Sunday  by 9:00 AM  (Leaders will do their best to arrange phone calls or texts 20 minutes prior, but parents must be ready at 8:30 AM) Scouts will be dismissed to depart with parents/guardian once ALL tasks (clean out trailer, lay out tents, etc.) are completed.


Typical Camp Planning
  • 4 or more weeks before Camp Day (C-Day) - sign-up sheet will be posted
  • 3 weeks to C-Day- details will be posted on website
  • 2 weeks to C-Day

1) Deadline for Boy Scout to register
2) Parent confirmation is required
3) Details will be shared with patrol leaders for patrol discussion
4) List will be posted on the website

  • 1 week to C-Day

1) Food fees are collected
2) Final chance to cancel and not incur costs must be done before troop meeting
3) No new scouts can be added to the roster after this day.
4) Patrols (including Adults)will plan menus and duty roster using the form on Documents and Links

5) Upon approval from Scout leader or mentor, a 2nd copy is made of menu/roster for the patrol QM to make the food purchases.

6) Drivers and adult leaders will be finalized

7) If SPL or ASPL is not attending, then select an "interim SPL" and meet with him to discuss expectations or outcomes for this camp.

  •  2 days to C-Day

1) Patrol leaders contact members, especially assigned QM, with reminders
2) If PL is not attending, then coordinates with APL or assigns a "interim PL" as well as hands off the camp menu with duty roster.
3) If cancellation, CALL both PL and camp coordinator

  • 1 day to C-Day

1) Check Troop website for last minute updates
2) Review weather forecasts - be prepared
3) If cancellation, PLs will be notified to activate the alert system
4) Be packed with appropriate gear

  • C-DAY

1) Arrive 15-30 minutes before departure time
2) Have medications and the proper form ready
3) Parents, please help get everyone loaded up
4) Confirm pick up time to reduce waiting upon return
5) Have fun!

  • Return from Camping

1)Return times may occur earlier or later than stated time.  Please be flexible and available for pick-up when notified of time change.
2) Cell phones will be used by leaders and scouts to notify parents of return time as soon as cell signals are available.
3) Please be on time to allow volunteers to go home and recuperate.