Troop 145 Flag Retirement Program

Eagle Project by Blake Short, August 2021 for American Legion Post 59, Christiansburg VA

US Flag Etiquette

 Worn Flag

The U.S. Flag Code states, "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning." When an American flag is worn beyond repair, it should be retired in a respectful manner.


Troop 145 Flag Retirement Program

Retirement fire

If you have a faded, torn and frayed flag, please allow the Scout BSA Troop 145 to retire your flag in a dignified ceremony in our campfire pit on the property of St Paul United Methodist Church. Veterans from American Legion Post 59 along with other local veteran organizations participate as they are able. It is a stoic ceremony, one that is conducted out of respect for the most iconic symbol of our country.

Christiansburg Troop 145 Flag Collection Boxes

Flag Retirement Box MapFlag collection boxes are placed conveniently around Christiansburg and checked regularly by our troop's Honor Guard. Retirement ceremonies are conducted as needed, often around Veteran's Day. The flag collection boxes and creation of the Yeoman's leadership position was created as an Eagle Project by Blake Short in August, 2021 at the request of American Legion Post 59. Post 59 saw an ongoing need to provide a respectful method of collecting worn flags and continuing a retirement tradition that began in 2017 when Troop 145 was restarted at St Paul United Methodist Church.


Flag rBlake Short Flag boxesetirement boxes are located here in Christiansburg (Google Map link)

1) Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5311 and American Legion Post 59: 490 High St NE

2) Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce - 210 Laurel St NE

3) St Paul United Methodist Church Activity Bldg - 220 West Main St


The Troop 145 Honor Guard Youth Leadership Position


BSA Scouts encourages youth to take on leadership positions as they advance in rank. The scoutmaster of Troop 145 may appoint one Flag Honor Guard as the scout in charge of the troop flag retirement program. The Honor Guard is responsible for checking the flag boxes at all locations, notifying leaders when a box is in need of repair, collecting and storing flags respectfully, and planning the flag retirement ceremonies in conjunction with troop leadership such as the Senior Patrol leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. Honorable service in this position qualifies for rank leadership requirements in First Class, Star, Life and Eagle.